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Radiology Services Online and MediCle Help Fight Cancer

Posted by Diane Mitol on Wed, Jul 25, 2012 @ 02:48 PM

Radiology Services Online and MediCle Help Fight Cancer

The MediCle App, for Microsoft Health Vault, created by Radiology Services Online (RSO),  offers FREE MediCle accounts to all cancer patients so that they can more easily share their medical images, like X-rays, CT Scans, Ultrasounds, Mammograms and other diagnostic medical images with their multiple doctors.  These are not thumbnail images – they are full diagnostic quality images that any doctor can use to diagnose and treat. Cancer patient

In addition, cancer survivors, and all others who want to help in the fight against cancer can help support cancer research by creating their own low cost MediCle account to manage their own medical images as part of their personal health records on Microsoft HealthVault.   MediCle will donate $1.00 from every paid subscription account to The American Cancer Society.

What is MediCle?

The efficient MediCle Cloud is based on the Microsoft HealthVault Platform and the professional image viewing capabilities of RSO.  MediCle offers the ability to store and view all types of medical images.  It meets all HIPAA requirements and follows accepted security protocols for secure storage, back-up and redundancy of images.  With a MediCle Cloud subscription, you have an immediate, internet-accessible diagnostic viewer that lets you share your medical images on your mobile device when you're in your doctor's office, or by sending him a secure link via email.  Using the MediCle Cloud can help you get a more timely diagnosis and improve your care.

No more struggling to get copies of your Medical Imaging Data – you (or your radiologist) upload your medical images to your MediCle accoun, providing you with easy digital access to your medical imaging studies any place that you have an internet connection.  You can easily share your medical images with specialists for 2nd or 3rd opinions.   The MediCle Cloud puts you control of your medical imaging studies.

Because the MediCle Cloud provides its own web-based DICOM diagnostic quality viewer, you and your physician need no special equipment or software in order to view your medical imaging studies. MediCle enables you and your physician to virtually access your health records, medical images and diagnostic reports.  All you need is a desk top, computer, laptop, or mobile device with an internet connection and you can view your images anytime, anywhere.

Since you always have access to your MediCle account anywhere that you have access to the internet, you can share your images among multiple doctors, facilitate consultations and generally help your doctors to diagnose, treat, and follow-up with you more efficiently. There are no worries about lost reports or images. No repeating diagnostic imaging tests just because you've gone to a different doctor who doesn't have access to your images.

How Do Cancer Patients Get their Free MediCle Account?

Cancer Patients need to set up a Microsoft HealthVault account.  Then, they should contact Radiology Services Online via the Cancer Patient button below in order to bypass the credit card information on the MediCle subscription form. 

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